Monday, May 14, 2012

8 Summer Must-Haves from Avon

I don't know about you but I am impatiently counting the days till summer (38). As much as I love spring with its pretty pastels, budding plants and a tingle of warmth in the air, I adore summer. Gorgeous sunny days at the beach, freshly picked ice cold homemade strawberry lemonade (with vodka), BBQs, what could be better?

I started selling Avon because I love Skin So Soft. I love the smell, how it makes my skin feel, that it's not crazy expensive. Looking through the catalog, packed full of wonderful skin care, cosmetics, jewelry, clothes, shoes and so much more, I would get lost in all the pampering products and fun items. With so many goodies to choose from, here are 8 to get your summer started...

1. 3-piece set of Mineral Gems
A little scrub, a bit of moisture and a tad of color and you are good to go.
(621-455)(Campaign 12, page 158)

2. Shake and Go Bronzer
Add a little glow to that gorgeous face of yours
(Light – 605-107, Medium – 605-111, Deep – 605-126)(Campaign 13, page 32)

3. 8 Piece Bug Guard Collection
Awww, the bitter bites of summer. Arm yourself with this amazing SSS Bug Guard
(332-139)(Campaign 12, page 182)

4. Free O2, Eau de Toilette Spray
Light & lovely, perfectly paired with a warm summer evening.
(329-360)(Campaign 12, page 56)

5. Lip Care
Stock up at these amazing prices!!
(Campaign 11, page 186)

6. Mirror Shine Jelly Flip Flops
Great style, great price
(Campaign 11, page 142)

7. Bangle & Beaded Bracelets
Love these!!
(Campaign 13, page 18)

8. Summer Sandals
(Campaign 12, page 108)

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