Thursday, May 17, 2012

No Mo Mojo It Seems

Why is it so hard to get into a routine and so easy to slip out of one? Before I went to stay with my dad during his recovery from knee surgery, I was walking 7.45 miles 4x a week. Throughout my stay I couldn’t WAIT to get back home, missing my morning walk along the beach, my body ached for it, my mind craved the serenity. Finally, I was home yet all I could seem to think about was sleep. Sleeping in my bed. Sleeping until 9. Pleasurable, uninterrupted, silent sleep. It was glorious, the way it is when one is reunited with her bed.

Then, it was time to get moving again. It had been a week since my last walk, time to get back on track.

But, each morning, I couldn’t seem to muster the energy to walk out the back door toward my beloved beach. Both my motivation and momentum were nowhere to be found. I kept allowing myself one more day, just one more day of rest.

Tomorrow. I will start tomorrow.
I promise.
I swear.
"Tomorrow, tomorrow..
I love you, Tomorrow..
You’re always a day away”

Why is it always so hard to take that first step?

Yeah, yeah, I know. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

Thankfully, my soon-to-be DIL, who I adore, sweetly dragged my lethargic bum out for a stroll along the beach. Although she walked me hard, it felt wonderful to work up a sweat. What was my problem? This felt amazing!! Yes, I was a hot, beet red, panting mess soaked in perspiration but it was great. We only walked 3.3 miles but I think that was a decent beginning. I probably could have walked more had I not been talking so much but I’m a chatter.

Maybe I haven’t totally regained my mojo but I can feel it fluttering all around me and I’m sure it’ll land right back where it belongs.

**Photos taken by me for Pop over to check it out.**

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